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Vette Works is devoted to  Corvette restoration, technical information, Chevrolet engine specifications, automotive links, automotive publications and technical information for performance enhancements and high performance applications. We'll continue to update the site with useful information for Corvette, Chevy and high performance enthusiasts.      Please be aware that some of the links may lead to partially completed pages which are reserved for these additions. or use the link at the bottom of this page.


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Have a question about your Vette....Want it answered within minutes?  Check out this real time forum of knowledgeable Vette owners.   Post questions, share your knowledge and contribute to the problem solving of owners all over the world.

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These are original woodburnings done in oil on wood.  They represent true quality in workmanship and make very unique gifts.  

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For those interested, send me an e-mail about your vehicle. Pictures are welcome but because of our e-mail account we ask that you send no more than 1 Meg of .jpg format pictures. We will retrieve them and notify you in case you want to send more. We'd like to see some before and after shots or anything else interesting or informative for those viewing the site


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