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Corvette Bodies


Corvettes are notorious for cracks, misalignment and bad fit, when it comes to body parts. As a matter of fact, it’s rare that you ever see a Corvette, which doesn’t have some kind of noticeable defect. It’s just the way they are.

Putting the nose back together on the 70 Roadster, which is featured on this site, was an absolute nightmare. Although the Chevrolet assembly manuals give you an excellent idea of where these parts are supposed to go, they don’t give you any reference or helpful hints on how to do it. We will be compiling some helpful information and written instruction on dealing with these problems as the web site expands. We will be putting together links to companies who specialize in specific areas concerning Corvette chassis as well as others who specialize in parts and accessories needed to complete a full restoration. We will also be posting other information, links and illustrations which center on the Corvette frame, body and assembly. Links to books, illustrations, assembly drawings and listings of numerous parts will all be compiled as time goes by.

Lastly, keep in mind that we are doing this on our free time. There are no rules when it comes to how we decide to do it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop us an e-mail at