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 John's 70 Roadster

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After nearly four years of work, John's Roadster hit the autobahn for a test run.   Here are some shots and descriptions of the work he's done.

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After a complete front end replacement and off frame restoration this Corvette is complete.  Check out the front end details.....

ENGBEFBONDING.jpg (32382 bytes)

FRONTBOND.jpg (33304 bytes)

How about the detailing here!  Aside from a lot of was all kept clean for photography.  Sanding, grinding and everything else was being done in the same garage.

FRONTFINISH.jpg (23421 bytes)FRONTFINISH2.jpg (27414 bytes)

We've seen a lot of Vette front ends in all kinds of different conditions.   To get one like this requires attention to a lot of detail.  This is what your shooting for!


It all begins like this........

Frontless.jpg (33796 bytes)

Even the engine block was maticulously detailed...Inside and out.

.BLOCKREARFINISH.jpg (22135 bytes) RODSVERTICAL.jpg (17439 bytes) Those are polished Forged Rods - Chevy

EPOXIEDBLOCK.JPG (106054 bytes) RODPISTCAPS.jpg (16693 bytes)