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Gman's Hot Red 2000.....2000 Hardtop- Torch Red, Bassani Exhaust(Quad Round Tip)
Donaldson LS6 Intake w/TPIS Box, Shroud Ducted, DRL's Disabled B&M Ripper w/Lighter Springs, MAF Screen Delete, Callaway Anodized Shift Knob Lowered Suspension(3"), Optima Yellow Top, Breathless Polished Plate, Serious Stereo, Dynamat(Complete Interior), Waterfall Emblem,
CAGS Delete, Sequential Turn Signals #02, Caravaggio Interior Trim - Export Tail Lights(Red/Amber), Fikse FM/5 Wheels Upcoming Mods- MTI top end kit, TPIS Long Tubes.

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Mike and Christy's Red and black C5's in Hampton, GA. They sent us a these beautiful shots of there cars and a link with even more.   Check them out at their site connected to the pictures............2000 Corvette Modifications: Llumar window tint, Lifetime titanium 38%, Breathless Performance Brushed Rear Exhaust Plate,  Lloyds embroidered C5 logo floor mats and cargo mat, B&B Tri-Flo Sport Exhaust, Donaldson Air Force III Air Intake, CAGS Skip Shift Eliminator and Autobuffs 2000 Wheel Decal Set.

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1998 Corvette Modifications: Llumar window tint, Lifetime titanium 38%, Lloyds embroidered C5 logo floor mats and Breathless Performance Polished Rear Exhaust Plate.

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Mike's Yellow Coupe...This Millenium Yellow 2000 Corvette Coupe resides in Palmyra, NY: Dual Removable Roof Panels,   6-speed Manual Transmission, Polished Aluminum Wheels, Sport Bucket Seats, Compact 12 Disc Changer, Active Handling, Head Up Display, Dual Zone Air Conditioning, Memory Package, Body Side Moldings, Fog Lamps, Twilight Sentinel, AMP.

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Jodi DeSchepper (Tweety) added this Vette to their collection.  This 99 sports Navy Blue metallic paint and a light gray interior. He says it's pretty much stock.  Like it really needs more!
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