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We'll begin this section with the numbers and codes followed by some facts and history. Here they are: 

On the Corvette, the vehicle serial number tag shows the manufacturers identity, vehicle type, year,  engine, assembly plant and production unit.  The Corvette engine identity tag is stamped at the base of the right hand cylinder head forward end.   This pad extends out about 1/2 inch and is easily recognized because of its smooth flat surface.  Sometimes it may be necessary to wire brush this pad to make the numbers more visible.  The first number designates the assembly plant in which the engine was manufactured.  The numbers that follow indicate the production date.   The letters identify the engine type and related equipment.  On 1972 and later models, if the engine in the vehicle is known to be original, the fifth digit (1972 - 80) and the eigth digit (1981 - 84) of the serial number may also identify the engine used in the vehicle.


VIN Numbers and their connection:

Breaking things down...this is how a V.I.N. number is read:

V.I.N. Chart 1963-71 (156458F100025 )

MFR I.D.        Body style         Model year         Assy. Plant             Unit Number

1                     5645                 8                         F (Flint)                        100025

The first "1" is the identity number assigned to all Chevrolet vehicles.   The second group of numbers is the model identification.  The number "8" represents the last digit of the model year.  The letter "F" indicates that the vehicle was produced at the plant in Flint.  Lastly, the unit number here shows that this was car number 25 off the assembly line.  Unit numbering always starts at 100,001 at all plants.

V.I.N. Chart for 1972 - 80 (1N47R4F100025)

MFR I.D.   Series code letter   Body style      Engine Model   Model year    Assy. Plant     Unit Number

1                     N                          47                         R                 4                     F                 100025

The "1" is the manufacturers identity. Chevy.  The "N" represents the model series.  The 47 indicates that it was a Corvette.   "R" is the engine code. The "4" is the last number of the model year. "F" represents the production plant - Flint, MI. The last section (100025) represents the unit number which will start at 000001 or 100,001 depending on the model.

V.I.N. Chart for 1981 - 84  (1G1AY8769BS400.001)

MFR I.D.     Restraint System Type    Basic Car Model    Body Type      Engine Model      Check Digit        Model year          Assy. Plant         Unit Number

1G1                 A                Y                87             6             9             B                 S          400.001

The number "1" represents the vehicle as a Chevrolet.  The letter "A" indicates that the car had the "non-passive restraint system with manual seat belts.  The letter "Y" identifies the car as a Corvette.   "87" indicates that the car was a two door coupe.  The number "6" IS THE ENGINE CODE. "6" INDICATES 1981 WHILE AN "8" SHOWS 1982-84 ENGINE BLOCK. The number "9" is a manufacturers code. The B represents the model year.  B=1981, C=1982, E= 1984 etc.  The "S" shows that the car was produced at the St. Louis plant.  5 would indicate Bowling Green, KY.  The 400.001 represents the unit number which varies with the year.

Letter codes and numbers obviously change to identify the differences.  Individual codes not shown



1963-64 327 CID

Manual TRransmission                                                     RC                                                                       

Manual Transmission and High performance                    RD                                                                          

Special High Performance                                               RE                                                                          

Manual Transmission/Fuel Injection                                RF

Powerglide                                                                       SC

Powerglide and High Performance                                    SD


1964 327 CID

Manual Transmission and A/C                                           RP

Manual Transmission, Special                                                                                                            High Performance A/C                                                      RQ

Manual Transmission w/Transistor Ignition                      RT

Fuel Injection and Transistor Ignition                               RX

Fuel Injection, Transistor Ignition, A/C                            RU

Powerglide and A/C                                                          SK

Powerglide, High Performance, A/C                                  SL


1965 327 CID

Manual Transmission                                                         HE

High Performance                                                             HF

Fuel Injection                                                                   HG

Special High Perfomance                                                  HH

A/C                                                                                    HI

High Performance and A/C                                                HJ

Special High Performance and A/C                                    HK

Transistor Ignition                                                             HL

Transistor Ignition and A/C                                                HM

Fuel Injection and Transistor Ignition                                 HN

Powerglide                                                                         HO

Powerglide and High Perfomance                                       HP

Powerglide with A/C                                                          HQ

Powerglide, A/C and High Performance                              RH

Special High Performance with Hydraulic Lifters                HT

Special High Performance, Hyd. Lifters, Transistor Ign.  - HV

Special High Perf., A/C, Hyd. Lifters and Transistor Ign. - HW

1965 396 CID

Special High Performance                                                  IF            


1966 327 CID

Manual Transmission                                                         HE

A.I.R.                                                                                HH

A.I.R. and Powerglide                                                        HR

Special High Performance and A.I.R.                                HD

Powerglide                                                                        HO

Special High Performance                                                HT

Power steering, Spcial High Performance, A.I.R.              HP

Special High Performance, A/C, A.I.R.                              KH

1966 427 CID      

Special High Performance and Hydraulic lifters.               IK

High Performance                                                              IL

A.I.R.                                                                                IM

Special High Performance                                                  IP

Powerglide                                                                        IQ

Powerglide and A.I.R.                                                        IR


1967 327 CID

 Manual Transmission                                                       HE

A.I.R.                                                                                HH

A.I.R. and Powerglide                                                        HR

Special High Performance and A.I.R.                                HD

Powerglide                                                                        HO

Special High Performance                                                  HT

Power Steering, Special High Performance, A/C                HP

Special High Performance, A/C, A.I.R.                              KH

1967 427 CID

4 Speed or Powerglide                                                        IL

Tri Power Carb                                                                   JC

A.I.T., Special High Performance, Tri Power                     JE

Heavy Duty                                                                        IT

Aluminum Heads                                                               IU

A.I.R.                                                                                 IM

A.I.R. and Tri Power                                                         JF

A.I.R. and Aluminum Heads                                              JH

Powerglide                                                                         IQ

Powerglide and Tri Power carb                                          JD

A.I.R. and Powerglide                                                        IR

A.I.R., Tri Power, Powerglide                                            JG

A.I.R., Tri Power, Special High Performance                      JA


1968 327 CID

Manual Transmission                                                          HE

Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                             HO

Power Steering and A/C                                                     HP

Special High Performance                                                  HT

1968 427 CID

Special High Performance                                                    IL

High Performance and Tri-Power Carb                                 IM

High Performance, Tri- Power, Turbo Hydra-Matic               IO

Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                               IQ

Special High Performance, Tri-Power Carb                           IR

High Performance                                                                 IT

Special High Performance, Aluminum Heads, Tri-Power Carbs-IU

* Note two "High performance" codes. 


1969 350 CID

High Performance                                                                  HW

High Performance and A/C                                                     HX

Manual Transmission -                                                            HY

Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                                  HZ

1969 427 CID

High Performance, Turbo Hydra-Matic                                     LL

High Performance                                                                    LM

Tri-Power, High Performance, Turbo Hydra-Matic                    LN

Heavy Duty (L88)                                                                     LO

Aluminum Heads                                                                      LP

Tri-Power and High Performance                                              LQ

Tri-Power and Special High Performance                                  LR

Tri-Power, Special Hig Performance, Heavy Duty Clutch          LU

Heavy Duty and Turbo Hydra-Matic                                          LV

Tri-Power Carbs, Special High Performance and Turbo Hydra-Matic   LX


1970 350 CID

Manual Transmission                                                                  CTL

Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                                     CTM

High Performance                                                                      CTN

High Performance and A/C                                                         CTO

High Performance and Transistor Ignition                                   CTP

High Performance, Transistor Ignition, A/C                                CTQ

Special High Performance                                                           CTR

Special High Performance and Transistor Ignition                       CTU

Special High Performance, Transistor Ignition, 4 speed               CTV

High Performance 4 bbl Carb, Turbo Hydra-Matic                        CZN

High Performance, 4-bbl Carb, Transistor Ignition                       CRI

1970 454 CID

High Performance 4-bbl carb, Turbo Hydra-Matic                        CGW

High Performance and 4-bbl Carb                                                CZU

Heavy Duty with 4-bbl Carb                                                         CZL

Heavy Duty with 4-bbl and Turbo Hydra-Matic                             CZN

High Performance, 4-bbl, Transistor Ignition.                              CRI


1971 350 CID

270 HP 4 Speed                                                                           CJL

270 HP Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                          CGT

330 hp 4 Speed                                                                           CGZ

330 hp Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                           CJK

330 hp 4 Speed - Heavy Duty                                                       CGY

1971 454 CID

365 hp Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                          CPJ

365 hp 4 Speed                                                                          CPH

425 hp 4 Speed                                                                          CPW

425 hp Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                          CPX


1972 350 CID

200 hp With Four Speed                                                              CKW

200 hp with 4 Speed, NOX control (California)                            CDH

200 hp with Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                   CKX

200 hp with Turbo Hydra-Matic and NOX control (California)       CDJ

255 hp with 4 Speed                                                                    CKY

255 hp with Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                    CKZ

255 hp with 4 Speed and A.I.R.                                                    CRT

255 hp with Turbo Hydra-Matic and A.I.R.                                    CRS

1972 454 CID

270 hp with 4 Speed                                                                    CPH

270 hp with Turbo Hydra-Matic                                                    CPJ

270 hp                                                                                       CSR, C                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


To be continued..