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1992 Corvette

Wheelbase: 96.2" Track: 59.6" Front / 60.4" Rear Height: 46.7" Coupe
Length: 178.5" Width: 71" Curb Weight: 3,338 lbs.
Tire Size: P275/40ZR17 Plant: Bowling Green

The One Millionth Corvette was built in 1992 and Stingray III design concept car made it's debut. The 1992 exterior appearance was little changed. On the ZR1 models, "ZR1" emblems were added above the side fender vents.

1992 Options:

Code Description Quantity
1YY07 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 14,604
1YY67 Base Corvette Convertible 5,875
AC1 Power Passenger Seat 16,179
AC3 Power Driver Seat 19,378
AQ9 Sport Seats - Leather 7,963
AQ9 Sport Seats - White Leather 709
AR9 Base Seats - Leather 10,565
BK2 Callaway Twin Turbo 62
CC2 Auxiliary Hard Top - Convertible 915
C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels 3,739
24S Removable Roof Panel Blue Tint 6,424
64S Removable Roof Panel Bronze Tint 3,005
C68 Electronic Air Conditioning Control 18,460
FX3 Selective Ride Handling, Electronic 5,840
G92 Performance Axle Ratio 2,283
MN6 Six Speed Manual Transmission 5,487
NN5 California Emission Requirements 3,092
UJ6 Low Tire Pressure Warning Indicator 3,416
UU8 AM/FM Stereo Delco-Bose 3,421
U1F Stereo System Delco-Bose with CD 15,199
V56 Luggage Rack (Convertible) 845
Z07 Adjustable Suspension Package (Coupe) 738
ZR1 Special Performance Package (Coupe Only) 502

RPO ZR1 included unique body work to accept Goodyear Z-rated P315/35ZR17 tires on 11 inch wide rear rims. The LT-5 32 valve engine was exclusive to ZR1. VIN Numbers: 1G1YY23P6N5100001 through 1G1YY23P6N5119977. 1G1YZ23J6N5800001 through 1G1YZ23J6N5800502 for ZR1

For Convertibles, the sixth digit is a "3"

The 9th Digit is a check code, and varies.


ZAA: 350ci 375hp ZAC: 350ci 300hp AT
ZTB: 350ci 300hp MT

CE=California Emissions, EX=Export, MT=Manual Trans, AT=Automatic Trans, AC=Air Conditioning, AH=Aluminum Heads, EA=Electronic Air Conditioning Control, OC=Engine Oil Cooler

Base Engine: 350ci V8 300hp