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1983 Corvette

Officially, There were no 1983 Corvettes. There were forty seven 1983 Corvettes made but none were ever sold. The National Corvette Museum has the only 1983 known at this time. The new Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY closed in October of 1982 to begin retooling for the 1984 Corvette. Production began in January of 1983 and the press received their first view of the 1984 Corvette in January of 1983. In February, the first production 1984 Corvettes were sold to the public. In March of 1983, the 1984 Corvette officially went on sale in the United States, except for California and a month later, in April, the 1984 Corvette went on sale in California. By October of 1983, the plant was in full speed production.

Trivia: Pop music singer "Prince" released the song, "Little Red Corvette".