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1979 Corvette

Wheelbase: 98" Track: 58.7" Front / 59.5" Rear Height: 48" Coupe
Length: 185.2" Width: 69" Curb Weight: 3,503 lbs.
Tire Size: P225/70R15 Plant: St. Louis

The high back seat featured in the 1978 Corvette Pace Car was made standard equipment in 1979. The 85MPH Speedometers associated with the 1980 Corvette were installed on several late build Corvettes.

1979 Options:

Code Description Quantity
1YZ87 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 53,807
A31 Power Windows 20,631
AU3 Power Door Locks 9,054
CC1 Removable Glass Roof Panels 14,480
C49 Rear Window Defroster 41,587
C60 Air Conditioning 47,136
D35 Sport Mirrors 48,211
D80 Spoilers, Front and Rear 6,853
FE7 Gymkhana Suspension 12,321
F51 Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers 2,164
G95 Optional Rear Axle Ratio 428
K30 Cruise Control 34,445
L82 350ci 225 hp Engine 14,516
MM4 4 Speed Manual Transmission 4,062
MX1 Automatic Transmission 41,454
NA6 High Altitude Emissions Equipment -
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 47,463
N90 Aluminum Wheels (4) 33,741
QBS White Letter Steel Belted Tires P225/60R15 17,920
QGR White Letter Steel Belted Tires P225/70R15 29,603
U58 AM/FM Radio Stereo 9,256
UM2 AM/FM Radio Stereo With 8 Track 21,435
UN3 AM/FM Radio Stereo With Cassette 12,110
UP6 AM/FM Radio Stereo With CB 4,438
U75 Power Antenna 35,730
U81 Dual Rear Speakers 37,745
YF5 California Emissions Test -
ZN1 Trailer Package 1,001
ZQ2 Power Windows And Door Locks 28,465
ZX2 Convenience Group 41,530

Serial Numbers: 1Z8789S400001 through 1Z8789S453807

Fifth Digit Code: 8=350ci 195, 4=350ci 225hp


ZAA: 350ci, 195hp MT EP ZAH 350ci, 195hp AT
ZAB: 350ci, 195hp AT EP ZAJ: 350ci, 195hp CE
ZAC: 350ci, 195hp AT CE EP ZBA: 350ci, 225hp MT
ZAD: 350ci, 195hp AT HA ZBB: 350ci, 225hp AT
ZAF: 350ci, 195hp MT

CE=California Emissions, EP=Early Production, MT=Manual Trans, AT=Automatic Trans, AC=Air Conditioning, AH=Aluminum Heads, HA=High Altitude

Base Engine: 350ci V8 195hp