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1977 Corvette

Wheelbase: 98" Track: 58.7" Front / 59.5" Rear Height: 48.1" Coupe
Length: 185.2" Width: 69" Curb Weight: 3,534 lbs.
Tire Size: GR70x15 Plant: St. Louis

Leather seats were standard for the first time in 1977, cloth seats inserts were an option. The anti-theft key switch was removed, and the side flags were added. The 500,000 Corvette drove off the assembly line in May. Former GM Chief Ed Cole died in a light plane crash in Michigan. Bill Mitchell resigned from GM in July and Irv Rybicki became the head of the GM design staff. The mid-engine V8 Aerovette was shown for the first time.

1977 Options:

Code Description Quantity
1YZ37 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 49,213
A31 Power Windows 44,341
B32 Color Keyed Floor Mats 36,763
C49 Rear Window Defroster 30,411
C60 Air Conditioning 45,249
D35 Sport Mirrors 20,206
FE7 Gymkhana Suspension 7,269
G95 Optional Rear Axle Ratio 972
K30 Speed Control 29,161
L82 350ci 210hp Engine 6,148
M21 4 Speed Manual Close Ratio 2,060
M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission 41,231
NA6 High Altitude Emissions Equipment -
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 46,487
QRZ White Letter Steel Belted Tires GR70x15 46,227
U58 AM/FM Radio Stereo 18,483
U69 AM/FM Radio 4,700
UA1 Heavy Duty Battery 32,882
UM2 AM/FM Radio Stereo With 8 Track 24,603
V54 Luggage and Roof Panel Rack -
YF5 California Emissions Test -
YJ8 Aluminum Wheels 12,646
ZN1 Trailer Package 289
ZX2 Convenience Group 40,872

Serial Numbers: 1Z37L7S400001 through 1Z37L7S449213

Fifth Digit Code: L=350ci 180hp, X=350ci 210hp


CHD: 350ci, 180hp AT CE CLB: 350ci, 180hp AT HA
CKD: 350ci, 180hp AT HA CLC: 350ci, 180hp AT CE
CKZ: 350ci, 180hp MT CLD: 350ci, 210hp MT
CLA: 350ci, 189hp AT CLF: 350ci, 210hp AT

CE=California Emissions, MT=Manual Trans, AT=Automatic Trans, AC=Air Conditioning, AH=Aluminum Heads, HA=High Altitude

Base Engine: 350ci V8 180hp