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1966 Corvette
Wheelbase: 98" Track: 56.8" Front / 57.6" Rear Height: 49.8" Coupe
Length: 175.1" Width: 69.6" Curb Weight: 3,140 lbs.
Tire Size: 7.75x15" Plant: St. Louis

The 1966 Corvette was very similar to the 1965 model. There were subtle differences in trim, including the addition to the Corvette script to the hood, and a new square mesh cast grill. The roof vents were deleted. Headrests were available for the first time. This was the first year for the famous 427 Big Block engine. A 327ci 300hp engine and 3 speed manual transmission were the base driveline options.

1966 Options:




19437 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 9,958
19467 Base Corvette Convertible 17,762
- Genuine Leather Seats 2,002
A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, All Windows 11,589
A02 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, Windshield 9,270
A31 Power Windows 4,562
A82 Headrests 1,033
A85 Shoulder Belts 37
C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (Convertible) 8,463
C48 Heater/Defroster Delete 54
C60 Air Conditioning 3,520
F41 Special Front and Rear Suspension 2,705
G81 Positraction Rear Axle 24,056
J50 Power Brakes 5,464
J56 Special Heavy Duty Brakes 382
K66 Transistor Ignition System 7,146
L36 427ci 390hp Engine 5,116
L72 427ci 450/425hp Engine 5,528
L79 327ci 350hp Engine 7,591
M20 4 Speed Manual Transmission 10,837
M21 4 Speed Manual Close Ratio 13,903
M22 4 Speed Manual Close Ratio Heavy Duty 15
M35 Powerglide Automatic Transmission 2,401
N03 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Coupe Only 66
N11 Offroad Exhaust System 2,795
N14 Side Mount Exhaust System 3,617
N32 Teakwood Steering Wheel 3,941
N36 Telescopic Steering Column 3,670
N40 Power Steering 5,611
P48 Cast Aluminum Knock-Off Wheels 1,194
P92 Whitewall Tires 7.75x15 Rayon Cord 17,969
T01 Goldwall Tires 7.75x15 Nylon Cord 5,557
U69 AM/FM Radio 26,383
V74 Traffic Hazard Switch 5,764
Serial Numbers: 194376S100001 through 194376S127720 

For Convertibles, the fourth digit is a "6"


HD: 327ci, 350hp MT, AR IK: 427ci, 425hp MT
HE: 327ci, 300hp MT IL: 427ci, 390hp MT
HH: 327ci, 300hp MT, AR IM: 427ci, 390hp MT, AR
HO: 327ci, 300hp AT IP: 427ci, 450/425hp MT
HP: 327ci, 300hp MT, PS IQ: 427ci, 390hp AT
HR: 327ci, 300hp AT, AR IR: 427ci, 390hp AT,AR
HT: 327ci, 350hp MT KH: 327ci, 350hp MT,AR,AC,PS

MT=Manual Trans, AT=Automatic Trans, PS=Power Steering, AR=Air Injection Reactor, AC=Air Conditioning

Base Engine: 327ci V8 300hp





Soft Top



900 Tuxedo Black 1,190 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/Bb/WB/R/S/Si/G/B
972 Ermine White 2,120 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/Bb/WB/R/S/Si/G/B
974 Rally Red 3,366 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/R
976 Nassau Blue 6,100 Bk/W/Bg Black Bk/Bb/WB/B
978 Laguna Blue 2,054 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/Bb/B
980 Trophy Blue 1,463 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/Bb/B
982 Mosport Green 2,311 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/G
984 Sunfire Yellow 2,339 Bk/W/Bg Black BK
986 Silver Pearl 2,967 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/Si
988 Milano Maroon 3,799 Bk/W/Bg Black BK/S


AB=Almond Beige, B=Blue, Bb=Bright Blue, Bk=Black, Bg=Beige, C=Charcoal, Db=Dark Blue, G=Green,

F=Fawn, M=Maroon, S=Saddle, Si=Silver, W=White, WB=White+Blue, R=Red, Bl=Blue, Tq=Turquoise